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About Us

The WashingtonNewsZ is a pre-eminent news provider, with an increasingly recognizable media brand across Washington and around the world. Our credible reputation, built from a combination of our hard-hitting news and fearless journalism, has allowed our organization to grow and prosper at a time when much of the newspaper industry has seen massive declines.

The WashingtonNewsZ strives to be the most trusted source for everyday events and happenings in power centers across Washington where access to reliable information, non-partisan journalism and real-time tools creates, informs and engages a global citizenry.

We inform the powerful, particularly those who have a political, professional or financial stake. We illuminate this influential audience with insight, edge, and authority. We do this wherever, whenever, and however our customers need it. And we do it better than anyone else. We are committed to the highest ethical standards and dedicated to the principles of truth, independence, fair play and integrity. These principles apply to everything we do, from gathering content to reporting and producing content.

We will remain free of outside interests, investments, business relationships or personal relationships that may compromise the credibility of our news reports. We will seek to avoid potential conflicts of interest and promptly disclose any that arise. We do not accept gifts, meals or entertainment from any individuals or organizations that may be covered by our stations. We do not allow sponsors of news to determine, change or restrict content. We do not make political contributions, participate in political advocacy or publicly share political views.

We are transparent about paid or sponsored content. We clearly identify and differentiate commentary from news. We will explain our journalistic processes to our audience. We will treat people with dignity, respect and compassion. We will be fair with people unaccustomed to dealing with the media. We will use unnamed sources as the sole basis for reporting only as a last resort when it best serves the public’s right to know, and only with prior news management approval.

Stay up-to-date with the latest breaking news and commentary on the issues that affect the future of our city.