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How Is Washington Dealing With COVID-19 & George Floyd Controversy?

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How Is Washington Dealing With COVID-19 & George Floyd Controversy?

Impact of COVID-19 & George Floyd's protest on the Washington City

Making its first appearance in December 2019 in Wuhan, China, COVID-19, or coronavirus is the most recent upheaval which has taken the world population in a blow. Being declared as a deadly pandemic by the World Health Organization, coronavirus has emerged as one of the biggest health hazards in the history of mankind, causing deaths at an undeniably high exponential figure. The severity of the disease was so intense that the governments were forced to declare a complete lockdown of services and industries in their regions. With the high infection rate, social distancing was diagnosed as the only potential remedy for the virus.

Coronavirus has given a major jolt to all the world’s major economies, including the United States of America. With over 1.6 million confirmed corona cases and nearly 99,000 deaths, the USA has undoubtedly suffered the maximum destruction from the virus in comparison to any other country of the world. Cities like Washington, California, New York have been reeling under the healthcare crisis and economic downfall due to the corona lockdown. All sorts of public places including malls, restaurants, educational institutions, offices, religious grounds, parks, hotels, etc. were closed down in the city of Washington to practice social distancing of all forms.

The current dire situation uprooted several social complexities in Washington as well as in all the important cities of America. There has been an unfortunate all-time high surge in the rate of unemployment in the country with workers, servicemen, and other lower-income group people being forced to stay locked in their homes for an indefinite period of time. This made the daily wage workers class struggle to arrange for their bread and butter requirements and other routine monetary necessities. The industries were compelled to shut stop their production and manufacturing units until the situation gets in control of the authorities. Small-scale industries and cottage industries are deeply ruined by the lockdown, primarily because of a lack of capital and labor.

Lockdown Reopening in Washington

After being stranded in closed doors for months, things finally started to come on track in the U.S. capital city as authorities decided to ease out the lockdown restrictions. The public gathering spots like eateries and entertainment venues were reopened for people with special attention given to social distancing guidelines. The authorities gave the residents proper warnings concerning the follow-up with the precautionary health measures prescribed by the healthcare experts.

George Floyd Controversy In Washington City

The city of Washington D.C. is presently burning in the light of George Floyd’s murder controversy. On May 25, 2020, George Floyd, an African-American black man lost his life in police custody in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The incident created a rage in the country, and in no time, hundreds of people stormed in the streets to demand justice for George. He was held for conducting forgery by using a counterfeit $20 bill for purchasing groceries in the market. The four police officers held responsible for the killing are Derek Chauvin, Tou Thao, J. Alexander Kueng, Thomas K. Lane. They were removed from their jobs immediately after the incident.

The situation got worsened when the outraged people started revolting angrily, laying the foundation for nationwide riots and protests. People are condemning the officers and Trump’s government for adopting an inhuman attitude towards Floyd merely because he was a black person. The protestors are demanding justice for the victim who lost his precious life, facing the wrath of racism. Social media handles like Twitter and Facebook brought the incident to a global level with people from different countries standing in solidarity against the racist thinking prevalent in the most developed country.

However, in a report, it was revealed that some people are using social media handles to spread false news and rumors about the actions taken by the authorities against the protestors. The hashtag #DCblackout trended successfully on the platform, pooling in hundreds of tweets in a few minutes span. All this lead to intensifying the situation as people flooded on roads to join the violent protests.


It seems that the new decade is quite challenging for the global society as a whole. With coronavirus crippling the health of people and taking the death tolls to an all-time high, the situation in Washington has got worsened with the recent outrages surrounding George Floyd’s controversy. By sidelining all the health guidelines, people are protesting violently on roads demanding justice for the black people living in the country. The Trump government is trying its best to deal with the two-thriving crisis in the best possible manner. The authorities are probing into the matter to find the truth. It is likely that justice will soon be served to the right person, and the city will run on its pace.  

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