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10 Affordable Restaurants in Seattle


10 Affordable Restaurants in Seattle

Eating out is the convenience everyone looks for. Owing to the occupied lives and lack of time for cooking all by oneself, the restaurant culture has got a boost in the recent past. But, it comes with a price. Eating in a restaurant for a long time will lead to a slimmer pocket. Yes, it costs you like anything.

Do you wonder if you will be able to find some place where you can satisfy hunger and don’t pay your fortune for that? We have got you covered. Here we give you a list of Top 10 Restaurants in Seattle which are hygienic, affordable and will satiate your taste buds to the optimum.

  1. Carmelo’s Tacos- On Capitol Hills, it’s one of the finest food stalls. It were inside a convenience store and inspired from a Mexico City Taco stall. Corn tortillas, campechano taco, Asada with slivers of beef are few of its cuisine. Whether it’s for lunch or dinner, you can always visit this stall and munch your favorite things without paying much.
  2. Da Lat Quan- It’s in White Centre, Seattle. It is one of the finest Vietnamese restaurants here. There are some dishes served here you cannot afford to miss, like mi quang noodle soup, overflowing with pork ribs, pork hock and shrimp, to its southern rice-noodle dish hu tieu, with ground pork, pork belly, quail egg, squid and shrimp served in a pork broth heavily fragrant with scallions and fish sauce. And all these things come with a low price tag. So, go and enjoy your lunch today!
  3. Frelard Tamales- This eatery is run by the Husband-and-Husband team Osbaldo Hernandez and Dennis Ramey. It’s in the Green Lake area. They are quite vocal about the immigration story of the United States; you can find postcards stating to make tamales, not walls. Lard-free Tamales are the best one can get here. The most liked Tamales here are veggie bean-and-cheese and vegan fajita-veggie versions.
  4. Department Bento- Here the unique thing is the theme of the place. Kitchen workers in Pale aprons and black baseball caps can be seen here. Bento boxes of here are quite famous and delight to have. It comes with the option of different kinds of rice and all sorts of vegetables. The price ranges from $16.50 to $18. But, the food for the price is worth it. It’s in Bellevue.
  5. Corte Fino- It’s Washington State’s first Restaurant which serves Halal Mexican dishes. It’s run by Zahra Sheikh, who’s from Somalia and her Cuban husband, Martin Perez. Salsas, enchiladas, and wet burrito are the best dishes served here. You can find the eating delight center at Rainier Valley.
  6. G.H. Pasta Co. – This place is a perfect Pasta place. The owner Brian Clevenger promises to feed pasta of any kind under a bill of $10. There are seven different kinds of Pasta available in the morning, and again for lunch, you will have many varieties to eat. The best to eat here are dishes like handmade bucatini or rigatoni precisely cooked until perfectly al dente and served with guanciale, lamb Bolognese or seasonal ingredients. You can access these delicious cuisines from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Denny Triangle.
  7. Kukree- It has two outlets in the Bellevue and Seattle. The best affordable Indian food restaurant. The Chef Aarthi Sampath is quite famous in the industry by winning the Food Network’s cooking competition “Chopped” in 2016. The mishmash of chutneys and flavors of India and combination of these with the Mediterranean and other Asian tastes makes the space worth going for dining. Biryani, steaks, and chicken are few of the most served cuisines here.
  8. Reckless Noodle House- At the Central District inspired by Vietnamese food, it has dishes like braised beef-cheek vermicelli and Sichuan noodle where you can see an amalgamation of Cambodian, Thai and Chinese cuisines. This restaurant allows you to enjoy quality hygienic food at a low price.
  9. South Town Pie- As the name suggests, the best place to have a pie is here. The tomato sauce and mozzarella blend are quite amazing to have. The other items like the pastrami pie and wild-boar ragu pizza are its best sellers. These high quality and tasty food can be availed at South Park.
  10. Westman’s Bagel and Coffee- The big fat bagels with a good tight honeycomb of very small air bubbles are what make the place worth every penny. This place also specializes in Coffee. So, whether you are hungry or just tired, go and grab a cup of coffee on Capitol Hill at an affordable price.

This list shouldn’t end here. Yes, we understand your appetite. But, we have promised you the best restaurants in affordable price serving hygienic food. The next time you are going to dine out, we hope you will consider our list.

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