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Amazon and Microsoft Welcome Tax Raise in Washington State Since it Would Fund Education in the State


Amazon and Microsoft Welcome Tax Raise in Washington State Since it Would Fund Education in the State


For as long as anyone can remember, state-funded subsidized education has been the cornerstone of any great nation and in that regard; the United States is no exception. However, to fund those state-run schools, colleges and universities, the state needs to collect taxes, and that is what brings us to the latest development in the state of Washington. Because two of the world’s biggest tech companies in the form of Amazon and Microsoft are headquartered in the state, it is not really a surprise that the state is finally tapping into the vast taxpaying capabilities of those two corporations.

In a move that is usually decried by the biggest corporations, the State of Washington raised taxes by way of which the biggest companies located in the state are going to pay more by way of taxes to fund the higher education system in the state. However, it emerged that Microsoft and Amazon have welcomed the tax and are perfectly happy to fund the higher education system in the state from which they have built their vast corporate empires. The money raised from the higher taxes is going to be used to offer scholarships to students from poorer households. According to the report, it has emerged that if a household has annual income which is lower than $50,000, then the student will be eligible for the scholarship in question. One engineering student earmarked some of the difficulties she faced and said, “My high school didn’t offer chemistry, calculus, or physics. I knew it was going to be a challenge and affording college, in general, was going to be a big one.”

However, the biggest endorsement came from the companies which are actually going to foot the bill for the whole thing, and Amazon welcomed the tax rise. A spokesperson for the e-commerce giant said, “We welcomed the constructive dialogue on HB 2158 and are supportive of the outcome that delivers increased funding for higher education in Washington State.” 

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