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Amazon Partners with Seattle Public School to Inspire Underrepresented and Underserved Students to Embrace STEM


Amazon Partners with Seattle Public School to Inspire Underrepresented and Underserved Students to Embrace STEM

Amazon and Seattle Public School

Amazon, along with FIRST Washington and Seattle Public Schools, organized an event on Tuesday for students at John Muir Elementary School, Seattle. The event provided students an opportunity for the first time to play with robots and LEGOs.

Amazon and Seattle Public Schools announced a new partnership on June 25th. The aim of the partnership is to bring computer science and robotics to 30 Title 1 Seattle Public Schools. This is associated with Amazon Future Engineer program. The e-commerce firm will offer every school with an ‘Amazon Future Robotics’ award so as to motivate underrepresented and underserved communities to adopt STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Amazon is not stopping here; it is supporting schools to launch the FIRST robotics team. Teachers and professional designers along with students will gain knowledge on robotics; they will receive support from Amazon to gain more access to computer science education at their school and will get an opportunity for a private tour, in Kent, Washington of Amazon robotics fulfillment center.

The objective of FIRST is to encourage the young generation to become leaders and innovators of science and technology by participating in amazing mentor based events that develop student skills in science, technology, and engineering in grades K-12.

Brandies University Data Reveals

Information from a 5-year long study of FIRST, held by Brandies University mentions competitive FIRST robotics programs best works for all young students. By considering various factors such as gender, economic status, race and geography, the students who participated in the program revealed important achievements in STEM interest, STEM knowledge, STEM activity, STEM career interest and STEM activity in comparison to their other colleagues who failed to participate.

FIRST students, sure to lead in technology-related science fields in college. By the time they do the second year in college, the students will be declared as leaders in technology or engineering. The significant impact of the program is noticed in young women. During their first year of college, female graduates of FIRST are 3.6 times more hopeful of taking engineering course and around 1.9 females are more hopeful of taking a computer science course in comparison to female students.

Amazon Investment

Amazon invested around $50 million in STEM, and Computer Science education and Amazon Future Engineer program is a part of this investment. Amazon Future Engineer was launched in November 2018.  Amazon has also donated $10 million plus to institutions that promote similar programs in the US.

Denise Juneau, Seattle Public Schools Superintendents, said,

This partnership with Amazon will give our students of color the opportunity to see engineers who look like them- which provides a huge benefit and creates a quicker course to students imagining a future in a STEM field. Creating educational journeys like these help ensure our students are prepared for college, career, and life.

Human Resources Senior Vice President of Amazon, Beth Galetti mentioned, Seattle is our native land, and it’s our responsibility to ensure more student from underserved and underrepresented communities of Seattle have more access to interesting and rewarding computer science education.

Further Galetti stated we are passionate to help students of Seattle Public Schools to become leaders and innovators of future technology and we’re hopeful that full experience program offered by Amazon Future Engineer will be knowledgeable and fun.

On Tuesday in a packed classroom, nearly 20 students worked with FIRST robotics graduates as they shared together parts of the LEGO robot prior to adjusting the programmed machines to start on a specified course. FIRST Washington encourages young students via mentor-based robotics programs to continue STEM careers, and Kids participate in tournaments for the entire year of various grade levels.

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