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Both Houses Pass Washington State’s 100% Renewable Electricity Bill

Law & Order

Both Houses Pass Washington State’s 100% Renewable Electricity Bill

Law & Order

As the dangers of climate change become more and more apparent among large portions of the population, lawmakers all across the world are trying to come up with ways to make sure that the inevitable can be delayed by some decades. One of the states in the United States that have taken a particular interest in the issue has been Washington and one of the bills that the state has been trying to push for some time relates to the target to be totally reliant on renewable energy. The House Bill 1211 that has been passed with a majority of 56-42 at the Washington State legislature is complementary to the Senate Bill 5116 that has already been passed and the provisions of the bill passed by Washington State are almost similar as well.

The important thing for renewable energy activists is that the bill has been passed in both houses of the state and now it will be ratified by the Governor of Washington Jay Inslee. Inslee, who is himself eyeing a bid for the Presidency in 2020 on a Democratic ticket, would be happy to ratify the bill and further burnish his credentials as a renewable energy advocate. However, some small amendments remain in the bill before it can be sent to the governor. That being said, the bill idea of the bill was initially floated by Inslee himself, and there is no doubt that he is going to sign the bill as soon as it is put in front of him.

The provisions in the bill are quite sprawling in nature, and if they are enforced then there is every chance of Washington State becoming one of the flag bearers of clean energy. Once this bill is passed, Washington would be duty bound to become an entirely renewable energy dependent state by the year 2045. It is without a doubt a bold plan but in addition to that, there are other provisions in place as well that will require a major push from the authorities. Coal will need to be phased out completely by the year 2025 and within five years of that, the electricity being supplied in the state would need to be carbon neutral.

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