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Cougar Attacks Child at Washington Park, Escapes Serious Injuries


Cougar Attacks Child at Washington Park, Escapes Serious Injuries

A cougar attacked a young child at Washington Park, Leavenworth on Saturday evening. The child did not face any serious injuries but rather was only left with scathes, the Oregonian informed about the incidence.

The State wildlife officers then tracked the mountain lion. The search operation was carried out at mid-night near Enchantment Park within the central Washington of Leavenworth. 

The Department of Fish and Wildlife and State police officers took help of dogs to find the mountain lion in the park; and then they even issued warnings to citizens of the nearby area to avoid going to park especially during the search activity, KWG mentioned.

KREM mentioned the State police did not disclose information on the child’s age or any other information regarding injuries.

 While the Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) posted about the incidence on the social media Twitter, the officers of WDFW mentioned that the mountain lion was “showing abnormal behavior.”

The officer on Twitter informed:

“Cougar attack at the Enchantment park in Leavenworth. The young child escaped serious injury when a cougar attempted to attack. Fish & Wildlife with local agencies at the scene. Updates to follow. Until then, stay away from the area.”

The initial search of the cougar on Saturday was not successful,  and this made the officers close the Enchantment Park, the WDFW officers were planning to go ahead with another search on Sunday with the help of dogs. The officers discovered the cougar only on Sunday at 1.30 a.m.; the cougar was then euthanized.

The cougar attacked the child on Saturday. The child was lucky and escaped with minor injuries, later which the officers of WDFC started to search for the unhealthy animal.

The picture of the cougar was then clicked by the resident, and it was posted on Twitter to inform people, the tracking is still in process.

The WDFW were successful in tracking the cougar at Enchantment Park, later WDFW reported that wildlife biologists visually tested the cougar on Sunday morning and noticed that it was not healthy. Other tests will be carried out on the cougar later.

Upon finding the cougar, the Enchantment Park was opened again on Sunday; a source reported the news.

Meanwhile, the WDFW officers were quick enough to advise people and over their official website, it mentioned when you see a cougar avoid running because any rapid movement like running might result in an attack. An adult should stop immediately and take hold of their children.

The website read “It’s important to appear more like a threat than like prey, so it helps to get above the cougar by standing on top of something or if wearing a jacket, holding it open.”

Later, when the animal was tracked and killed, the WDFW officer informed the latest news on Twitter and said the further question would be responded by the Washington Department of Fish & Wildlife’s Public Affairs Division.

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