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Gunfire on Metro Bus in Sodo

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Gunfire on Metro Bus in Sodo

In an incident of firing on Metro Bus services in King County, a 55 years old man was shot on Sunday by an 88 years old man.

The whole scene started after a disturbance when the younger man violently pushed the old man as he attempted to board the bus. This version has also been confirmed by the witnesses as well.
After the disturbance in the bus, the old man “pulled out a handgun and fired,” said Detective Mark Jamieson.

According to the Seattle Post, after the incident, the old man tried to get off the bus, but fell and struck his head in the bus stairwell.

As per the reports, the shooting occurred at Fourth Avenue South and South Walker Street shortly after 11 a.m., according to Kristin Tinsley, spokeswoman for the Seattle Fire Department, who said both men were admitted to Harborview Medical Center.

According to the police-blotter post, both the men were seriously injured and are in danger.

However, the Police department is yet to confirm how many people were aboard the bus when the incident happened. But, it is confirmed that no one except the two was injured.

This incident has again started the debate on the gun law. Many people are saying that a gun in the hands of mentally not so active people is as dangerous as in the hands of criminals. Thus, the State should formulate a plan to review the gun law and at least should try to scan every gun license applicant.

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