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Health Experts of Yakima Discovers E.coil in Wolf Den’s Drinking Water


Health Experts of Yakima Discovers E.coil in Wolf Den’s Drinking Water

Wolf Den Yakima County

This is the second time within a month Wolf Den’s drinking water has stopped supplying water to people of Yakima. This time Wolf Den cited the reason as health experts discovered E.coil in their running water.

The first incidence of E.coil presence in Wolf Den’s tap water was noticed on 9th June 2019, and within a few days, the health experts have once again discovered E.coil in their tap water.

Nathan Johnson, Public Information Officer for Yakima County Public Health, said as, on June 9th, 2019 Wolf Den had their initial positive test of E.coil. When they noticed the presence of E.coil, they heated their system with chlorine and cleaned it completely.

Within this week another similar incidence was noticed, the restaurant carried testing of water and the outcome was positive, indicated the presence of E.coil.  Yakima County Public Health gave them a boil-water order.

The infection could occur when huge run-off water enters the water supply, the health district stated.

However, currently, there have been no people affected by E.coil or any such reports of getting ill due to E.coil plague but one local citizen after drinking the water of Wolf Den was facing some minor problem. He did not feel good after drinking the infected water. He did not have any symptoms of E.coil.

Trey Jack the local person tells after drinking the water,

I felt woozy, but not really sick. By woozy I mean a little dizzy and lightheaded.

The Indian Health Service mentioned Wolf Den asked for a filtration system approved by federal in order to kill the E.coil bacteria from its system.

The water to be free from E.coil contamination might take numerous days, Johnson stated.

He further said certainly there is a process to undergo so as to ensure that the drinking water is safe and harmless.

The Indian Health Service mentions Wolf Den will install the new water filtration system approved by the federal within the coming week.

One of the sources contacted Wolf Den on the E.coil outbreak and they responded to the incidence.

Wolf Den mentioned the source, the team of Wolf Den is working firmly with the Yakima County Health District in order to ensure their drinking water is free from any contamination and back to normal levels.

About E.coil

E.coil stands for Escherichia coli. The bacteria are mostly found in the ecosystem, foods, and intestine of humans and animals. Most of E.coil bacteria’s are non-hazardous; however, some might affect your health severely, causing illness. E.coil symptoms are diarrhea, respiratory illness, urinary tract infection (UTI) and pneumonia, and other symptoms.

E.coil mostly affects newborns, children, elderly adults, pregnant women, and people having a weak immune system. E.coil bacteria can be killed by boiling the water at high temperatures.

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