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Impossible Foods to Launch New Food Product ‘The Impossible Sausage’ At Little Caesars Pizza


Impossible Foods to Launch New Food Product ‘The Impossible Sausage’ At Little Caesars Pizza


Plant-based burger producer Impossible Foods is ready to launch its new product meatless sausage crumbles on Little Caesars Pizza. Impossible Foods for the first time in 2016 had launched a meatless burger and now next product The Impossible Sausage is ready to be launched.

The vegan, kosher and halal sausage will be exclusively launched today on Little Caesars, Impossible Supreme Pizza is available with green peppers, mushrooms and caramelized onions. The testing of the new product The Impossible Supreme Pizza will be carried at Little Caesars and scheduled to take place on Monday at various location in the United States namely, Fort Myers, Yakima, Albuquerque, Washington, Florida and New Mexico.

If the testing of the product is successful, then, Little Caesars will expand the product across the nation.

In April, Global marketing, senior vice president of Little Caesars, Ed Gleich mentioned American users need more meat at the time of revealing the comeback of pie packed along with bacon, sausage, ham, pepperoni and beef.

Now, Little Caesars is trying its luck in attracting carnivores and vegetarians people. However, in May, the competitor of Impossible Food, Beyond Meat for the first time got listed on Nasdaq, the stock price jumped by threefold since the IPO.

Meanwhile, Impossible Whopper is examined by Burger King and will be available across the nation by the end of 2019. At the beginning of 2019, Little Caesars had communicated with California based Redwood City Impossible Foods and requested for plant-based meat for its pizzas products. Impossible Foods managed to create the sausage for Little Caesar with sweet Italian taste.

Rachel Konrad, the spokeswomen, mentioned that Impossible Foods has not sold its sausage to anyone else, no plans were either revealed by the spokeswomen.

CFO of Impossible, David Lee told Fortune that I have personally involved with them for past few years and there is good collaboration taking place, planning where they should launch and back them with the product as they create their own custom flavor.

President and CFO of Little Caesar, David Scrivano mentioned in a statement to Fortune that it’s just the start of plant-based menu products from Little Caesars. I am sure that the new product Impossible Supreme Pizza will be one of the most amazing and pleasing products of 2019.

The impossible sausages are created in a similar was a burger. The firm will make use of heme- the protein molecule which offers juicy texture to meat from the soy plants roots. In order to make meat, heme is combined with other components like coconut oil, sunflower oil and soy protein.

Rachel Konrad mentioned that the Impossible Sausage includes a high level of fat content as compared to Impossible Burger, it will have no cholesterol, and total fat content will be of 17 grams, proteins of 17 gram and 270 calories in a quarter sausage serving. He even compared the new product with Italian ground sausage, which offers high calories and cholesterol.

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