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New Study Claims: Washington State Has Tougher Driving Requirements Than Other States In US

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New Study Claims: Washington State Has Tougher Driving Requirements Than Other States In US

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Siegfried & Jensen-a personal injury law firm recently revealed, Washington State has the tougher driving requirements, unlikely to get a driving license in the state easily.

The law firm conducted a study throughout the United States. The law firm gathered various information to rate the states. The study considered official driver handbooks of every state, department of motor vehicles official websites and information relating to driver testing from similar websites.

Siegfried & Jensen collected the information back in September 2018; the agency gave the latest information from different sources to the law firm.

The law firm observed a large amount of data and also included a list of questions on the knowledge syllabus included in driving exams.

The study mentioned:

In Washington, the costs of both knowledge and road test vary depending on testing location. The cost given in the graphic represents a typical cost of testing in Seattle.

The study also included driver’s license cost and whether the State of Washington’s DMV allows free retakes. To rank the state, the law firm also looked at whether a driver seeker, 18 years-old or above should have a learner’s permit or no.

The study valued the state depending upon the cost of getting a driver’s license exam in Seattle because the cost of testing varies on locations and places of test conducted.

According to the news statement of Siegfried & Jensen’s Ned Siegfried, Everyone knows that driving rules vary from one state to another, but the study reveals the true scope of how this impacts the abilities of drivers to get a license. What this indicates, in reality, is that drivers clearing their test in the first shot in one state does not necessarily mean that it’s easy to clear the test in other states of the country.

Washington State Department of Licensing, the spokesperson, informed Seattle Times, she did not find a single person, whom she spoke to at the agency knew Washington State has one of the toughest license requirements in the country.

The state of Washington got 80 points out of 100, a very difficult score. While South Dakota scored 42 – was ranked as the most convenient state on the basis of driving requirements.

Driving-school instructor and DOL report, and according to The Seattle Times, the maximum amount of people in the state fails to clear the written knowledge exam than the driving skills test.

During the first 4 months of 2019, only 77 percent of people cleared the driving-skills exam, no matter if the test was taken at DOL office or via private driver-training school setting.

Knowledge exam seems to be difficult for people to pass, out of over 84,000 candidates only half of them cleared the knowledge exam in the first attempt, DOL data mentioned.

However, chances of people clearing the knowledge exam are more at private driving schools around 55 percent than test taken at DOL offices around 46 percent, DOL report

In 2016, the knowledge test added 15 questions are making the total questions to 40. The new syllabus expected to be issued in August, and mentions the significance of decision making and opinion while driving, DOL spokesperson mentioned.

The cost of test and license together are $85, and the price is more in Washington State as compared to the other 49 states of the US.

Massachusetts scored a difficult score of 77, next to Washington State and Maryland scored 75, ranked as the third strictest state in terms of driving requirements.

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