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Next Crop of Cyber Security Experts Being Trained at Green River College


Next Crop of Cyber Security Experts Being Trained at Green River College

As more and more of the world goes online, the necessity for businesses, governments and individuals to have adequate cybersecurity is going to increase significantly. That being said, the quantum of online crimes has reached never before seen levels, and according to a recent report from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, there have been losses to the tune of $1.4 billion owing to security breaches. However, that figure is only reflective of the reported incidents; the unreported ones might take that figure to another level altogether. Hence, it is almost certain that educational institutions are going to train more and more cybersecurity experts in the years to come and Washington’s very own Green River College has decided to churn out the generation of experts in this field.

More importantly, cybersecurity is all set to be one of the most lucrative careers in the years to come, and corporations, as well as government agencies, are going to be on the lookout for talented cybersecurity experts, who can provide high-quality online security. However, the mode of online threats is going to evolve at a breakneck speed and not only going to be restricted to e-mail hacking, which is why the initiative from Green River College is to be lauded. The programme director of Information Technology at the college, Alan Carter stated, “The big thing about cybersecurity is that nothing is secure.”

The degree that the students will earn from this curriculum will be a bachelors degree in network administration and security. Considering the sort of demand there is for such jobs, it is a fair assumption that the students from Green River College will get jobs right after they graduate. However, the most important thing for Green River is that the college enjoys a certification from the National Security Agency and that makes the cybersecurity degree from the college a huge deal when it comes to prestige. Alan Carter went on to add, “Companies are hiring people from other schools, and they’re having to train them to do tasks. And ours are able to hit the ground running and only need training on the advanced tasks,”

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