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Pierce County Medical Examiner accused of mismanaging death investigations

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Pierce County Medical Examiner accused of mismanaging death investigations

In a special news correspondence, Medical Examiner of Pierce County, Thomas Clark has been accused of mismanaging death investigations and altering death certificates improperly in some recent deaths that involved children. This took place when the whistle-blower, Dr. Megan Quinn who is the second in command at the medical examiner’s office saw these activities and brought to the notice of the authorities. In the special report filed by him, it has been claimed that Dr. Clark concluded inappropriately about the cause of the death, with a deliberate disregard of forensic evidence. Quinn’s report claimed that the details of the deaths which involved a 15-month-old girl and a 12-month-old boy lacked proper procedures and investigation which eventually led to an unresolved conclusion. Even the dark cloud on the unexpected death of these children was not demystified.

In the special report filed by Dr. Quinn, it was claimed that Clark was found of discounting and dismissing the established opioid crisis which has been going on in this county. He believes that it is not their utmost duty to deal with these issues, and it’s not pragmatic to engage in such opioid crisis with an irrelevant number which does not support either.

Clark who joined the medical examiner’s office way back in 2010, did not comment on the fresh allegations made against him. Libby Catalinich who is the spokesperson of Pierce County said that the management is aware of the complaint raised by Dr. Quinn and both of them would be doing separate rounds of shifts while the investigation is brought to a conclusion. The association is committed to upholding the highest ethical and medical standards in the Medical Examiner’s office.

It is not the first time that Dr. Clark has been charged with a complaint. In 2016, he was charged as well of his vindictive and arrogant behavior toward his fellow office mates. There had been some cases which compromised the normal office procedures.

In one of the other complaint, filed by another employee, eventually led to an investigation with a conclusion that Clark’s behavior did not jeopardize death investigations. Even Quinn’s complaint does not revolve around the ongoing organ-donation issue, but it connects with allegations of workplace misconduct against him.In the past, he was found of bullying his office mates which goes unchecked even today resulting in the formation of a toxic working environment.

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