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Polar vortex effect: Severe chills, snowfall to be expected; Global warming to be a possible reason


Polar vortex effect: Severe chills, snowfall to be expected; Global warming to be a possible reason

The real meteorological phenomenon – Polar vortex, is causing a lot of havoc this winter. As a result of which extreme chills and snowfall may be seen in many parts of the nation. The midsection specifically is said to experience sub-freezing wind chills from -40 to -65 degrees; people are warned against frost bites on exposed skin in less than 5 minutes. Flights canceled, and many schools are calling off to ensure safety.

It is said that the effect of polar vortex stays closer to the poles, but sometimes sends chunks of Arctic air southward to the U.S during winters, thus breaking apart from the poles. This unusually abnormal cold outbreak is stirring a lot of interest in the Climate Science department. It’s being signaled that the regional cold air outbreaks may be getting a boost from global warming. While the same can be explained by the lack of chills so far this winter; hence instead of cold air sending parts of itself in the nation at a time, it’s coming all at once.

The warming up of the earth due to climate change near the North Pole is observed to be twice than the other areas of the globe. When warm air invades the Arctic circle, it weakens the polar vortex. Hence the adverse effects are seen. The evidence of the fact that the boost in the effects of polar vortex this vertex may be due to global warming was presented in a research paper published in the journal of the American Meteorological Society.

Many parts of the nation are expected to experience bitter weather the entire week, but perhaps the cold blast would subside shortly. By Sunday, the temperature will be comparatively warmer; life back to normal.

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