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Rover.Com Study Reveals-Seattle Based Amazon The Most Dog-Friendly Tech Company In The US


Rover.Com Study Reveals-Seattle Based Amazon The Most Dog-Friendly Tech Company In The US

Amazon The Most Dog-Friendly Tech Company

In the era of a strong labor market, companies are significantly providing family benefits for its employees to influence them and stay at a better side. Leading companies such as Nike and Target recently announced new benefits for its employees. Nike is considering expanding its daycare program and Target planning to increase paid parental leave and childcare benefits for its employees.

But most people in today’s world are postponing parenthood, and due to this, some are speculating that companies are now considering providing benefits for their pets by including then under the family-friendly policies.

According to the report, the Amazon Seattle office is one of the best dog-friendly workplaces throughout the United States.

Rover.com pet care recently carried a study and revealed that pet policies of Amazon Seattle campus ranked at No.1 position with the highest score in comparison to other US tech companies.

Rover.com new initiative was named ‘best dog-friendly companies’ list. The list includes the top 100 dog-friendly workplace companies of the US. Rover.com study was based on the range of dogs allowed in the workplace, on-site amenities, and pet parent perks. Rover.com gathered information from pet owners on the things they appreciate more, a number of dogs the company allows and other pet facilities. The online survey was conducted, 1,238 adults participated in the survey, most of them were dog owners, and working at offices.

Amazon has always tried to offer something unique to workers than other companies and goes the extra mile to benefit its employees. Amazon’s Seattle based headquarter consists of 6,000 registered dogs, and they are brought to the Amazon office in Seattle, nearly 500 dogs arrive every-day to Seattle based Amazon campus. The Amazon campus consists of a dog park, numerous free poop bags, and gifts. There are above 45,000 employees working at the Seattle headquartered office of Amazon.

Amazon’s offers pet policy, allows its employees to take some time off to play with their pet and also a pet adoption stipend and other facilities.

The survey of Rover.com mentioned that the pet owners were impressed more about companies offering subsidized pet health insurance, on-site facilities, and stipend for dog sitters at the time when employees are out of the area for work and bereavement policies, that allows employees to take leave after their pet’s death.

Amazon Seattle campus dedicates a floor for dogs, the 17th floor of the building is only for pet’s, equipped with an artificial fire hydrant and notes mentioning dog based programs for employees such as dog Halloween costume contest-Barktoberfest.

Rover.com stated pet-friendly workplace benefits are noticeable and finite.

The report mentions- currently, an average of 40 percent of employees feel pressurized and overworked and dogs can provide much-needed relief in an office environment.

Institute for Human-Animal Connection, Executive Director, Phil Tedeschi said,

The bond between humans and animals is good for human health and can build connections in the work environment. Pets often allow for engagement and shared activity, in turn, strengthening bonds among coworkers.

Other Seattle based Companies in the List:

Amazon Seattle campus has ranked at number one position, other Seattle based companies that are listed within the top 20 dog-friendly list are

  1. Trupanion- Pet insurance company headquartered at Seattle ranked at No.3 position.
  2. Ookla another Seattle based company an Internet  metrics firm ranked at No 14 position
  3. RealSelf, a health care firm, ranked at No.16 position according to Rover.com survey.

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