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Seattle’s Temperature To Rise Above 80 Degrees As Summer Approaches


Seattle’s Temperature To Rise Above 80 Degrees As Summer Approaches


Summer is approaching in Seattle, and the temperature might soar above 80 degrees in the days to come but thanks to the onshore wind of Pacific Ocean, it will avoid the temperature to increase further by reaching beyond 95 degrees.

States like California, Nevada, and Arizona will experience high humidity. The heat will move in a northward direction and will travel across western Washington by Wednesday.

National Weather Services of Seattle Forecasts Weather

National Weather Services (NWS) forecasted the weather on Sunday; the coming week weather condition will be a mix, somewhat simpler and somewhat warmer. NSW further mentions that temperature will soar above the normal level in the coming week; the temperature on Sunday will be at 70 degrees and will significantly rise to 80 on Tuesday and 86 on Wednesday.

As per NWS, the Sunday forecast might not be the way as predicted, NWS says the clouds might arrive at the region somewhere in the middle of the day, despite clouds arriving, weather predictors are hoping skies to be brighter and with rising temperature. Once that happens, for the first three days of the week, the Seattle temperature will continue to increase. The highest temperature will be recorded on Wednesday and expected to be much higher than the prediction if the offshore wind arrives from east.

NWS Seattle posted about the weather condition on Twitter, to make people aware of the upcoming situation stating:

“Temps will climb well above normal during the week. Fortunately, overnight lows will remain in the 50’s to around 60⁰ F.”

The Seattle’s temperature on Wednesday will reach its peak level allowing some parts of western Washington to sizzle, reaching temperature beyond the 80s.

However, on Thursday a cool breeze might arrive across Seattle before cooling to half 70s over the weekend. Currently, there is no sign of any rain in the region.

The soft onshore wind will make some parts of the region to be cooler, reduces the temperature by some degree. The nights will be warmer at the 60s from Tuesday to Wednesday and morning temperature to be in 80s for the same days across the Seattle region.

NSW further wrote on Twitter

“JUNE OUTLOOK: Favors above average temps & below normal precipitation. This could result in exacerbating drought-related issues across western Washington.”

Officers have issued warnings regarding high temperature, saying the weather is sufficient to increase the heat stress and other related issues, especially for those having difficulties in dealing with heat, without adequate hydration or effective cooling.

Hopefully, the temperature in the night will range from 55 degrees to 62 degrees; this will certainly give some sort of relief movement for people and allows them to experience the coolness of weather.

The temperature will drop on Thursday and Friday respectively but will notice an increase back again during the next week.

The dry soaring heat has created a thermal trough, will pass from California into Oregon and into south Washington state by Wednesday morning, it will travel quickly into the south, central Washington by Wednesday night.

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