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Stackery CEO Nate Taggart Resigns; Serverless Software Startup Firm Looks for New CEO


Stackery CEO Nate Taggart Resigns; Serverless Software Startup Firm Looks for New CEO


Stackery, a Portland-based serverless software development startup firm, is looking for a new CEO, to lead the firm. Recently, CEO and co-founder of Stackery offered to step down from his post. He told the employees of the firm through the message that he considers the serverless development startup firm must have another CEO as a leader to gain more company growth.

In a message to his employees, posted on company’s website on Thursday states that the company is strong and he’s resigning because

Stackery can recruit a new leader with experience in scaling a high-growth company.

He noted employees, the startup firm we created by working together is now connected with leading companies across the world and achieved amazing growth and we have noticed it from two quarters and its clear reflection of our ideas and values that we have created for our clients. The progress of Stackery now provides me an opportunity to resign from the post so that the firm can hire a qualified and experienced person for the post.

Taggart earlier served various tech companies before establishing Stackery in Portland. He worked as a product manager for GitHub and New Relic.

Chief Marketing Officer of Stackery, Abner Germanow says, in order to take the business to a higher level is a very difficult job as compared to starting a firm. The startup firm will hire experience and well-qualified candidate for its CEO post so to help Stackery firm to expand quickly its services and user base.

Germanow mentioned,

The founding hypothesis of Stackery has legs to it. It’s not just a vision. We’re actually making it happen.

Earlier in March, ex-wife Kate Taggart of Taggart alleged him of ‘psychological abuse and intimidation’ in their marriage. However, Taggart declined the claims, and board members of Stackery told he would remain the CEO of the firm.

On Thursday, he said the decision of resigning is not related to the accusations.

Germanow stated,

If you’re prospective CEO and the current CEO is in place there’s (some) question around: will that person actually move over? How will that transition go?

Germanow further said the firm would be run by other executive members and Germanow until a new CEO is appointed.

We are not in a hurry, we have well-experienced team members, and we have excellent investors.

On Thursday afternoon, Nate Taggart was unavailable to respond.

The firm does not have a specific deadline to recruit new CEO but already started searching for the right candidate, co-founder and CTO of Stackery, Chase Douglas stated.

The executive team members of the firm are Germanow, Douglas, vice president of product engineering, Sam Goldstein and Laura Meyer- head of finance and operation.

About the Company

Stackery firm was established three years back in 2016 and consisted of 17 employees. The development startup firm managed to raise a fund of $7.5 million from investors namely, Pipeline Capital Partners, Voyager Capital, Founder’s Co-op, and Steve Kishi of Hummer Winblad Ventures Partners.

The customer of Stackery has increased by 300 percent within the previous six months. Taggart is good at product development and well experienced in this field.

The technology of Stackery is known as ‘serverless software.’ It controls computer programs running across off-site data centers. The aim of the technology is to enable computing efficiently and allows companies to make payment only at the time when the software is working on third-party servers, thus saves costs.

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