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Toddler Dies in Skagit River

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Toddler Dies in Skagit River

The loss of a child is the most painful loss one can bear. And when the child was just three years old, the pain and anguish are doubled. In a tragic accident, a Skagit County family lost their child just before Christmas.

The boy’s 3rd birthday was to be celebrated on the Christmas day, but he went missing from November 29, only to be found dead in the Skagit River on late December.

The family instead of celebrating his birthday now would have to do his funeral.

His grandfather said that the kid was a wonderful little boy, and he was looking forward to teaching him football and baseball.

A few days before his birthday, two duck hunters spotted the body of the boy in the Skagit River near the 20000 blocks of Maupin Road. The Police reached the spot to rescue the body.

It’s to be reported here that the boy went missing 20 days back while playing with a toy car at 21000 blocks of Mann Road in Conway. The car also found in the river.

The family was in a deep emotional state.

But, the community has come forward to help the family to organize the funeral. Incidents like these bring the whole community together. A ‘GoFundMe’ page has been created to fund the family for the funeral of the little boy.

The family of the boy has shown gratitude towards the whole community and said that the funeral would be on the 19th of January in Skagit County.

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