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US News and World Report Ranks Washington State as the Finest State of 2019 to Live


US News and World Report Ranks Washington State as the Finest State of 2019 to Live


The US News and World Report recently revealed the third annual ranking list of 2019 Best States. To the surprise, Washington was ranked as one of the best states of the US and achieved the No 1 position. The US news examined 50 different state states by taking into account the different standards such as health care, economy, infrastructure, and education in order to know how the states offered the services to its citizens.

 Washington State is the home of the leading companies like Amazon, Microsoft, Boeing, Seattle Seahawks of NFL and others and it’s for the first time that Washington State has gained the top spot in the ranking list. US News and World Report started working over the annual list for almost three years. The news was announced on Tuesday and is considered to be the amazing news for Washington State.

Jay Inslee, the Governor of Washington, took no time to respond to this news by stating that we are very much delighted to know that US News and World Report has considered Washington State as the Number one state of US. This assures what we have always known for in Washington, and our state is one of the best places to do investments, businesses and for employees; the place is surrounded with natural beauty and with innovative and creative minds. Jay Inslee is glad to share the success news of Washington across the world.

In order to declare Washington as the number one state researchers used tens of thousands of data points and over 70 metrics.

US news Executive Chairman said:

“As people are increasingly concerned about income disparities, rising health care cost, gaps in education and crumbling infrastructure, it’s important than ever to focus on the day to day policies that affect people where they live their lives.”

The economy of Washington is growing, and it’s not only the home for various companies but also offers the best services to its citizens. Washington is within the top five ranks based on criteria’s such as health care, education, economy, and infrastructure.

Over Washington’s growing economy, the US News and World Report ranked it at No 3rd position in the US followed by Colorado and Utah. Further, it was ranked at No 2 for its Infrastructure and No 4 for health care. When concerning crime, Washington was not good at it and was ranked at No 15. However, New Hampshire has been ranked at No 1 position when it comes to crime and corrections, and for the opportunities it provides. It has obtained the second position in the 2019 list of best states.

Here is the complete Top 10 list of the best states and at what position they hold on to:

  1. Washington
  2. New Hampshire
  3. Minnesota
  4. Utah
  5. Vermont
  6. Maryland
  7. Virginia
  8. Massachusetts
  9. Nebraska
  10. Colorado

It was also noted that Hawaii was at the top position for health care and Massachusetts ranked at the number one position for education. You can get the complete ranking list on the US News Website.

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