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Washington State Governor Could Lend a Helping Hand to His Friend British Columbia

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Washington State Governor Could Lend a Helping Hand to His Friend British Columbia

In a fresh development, there is speculation that the Governor of the State of Washington could help out his friend John Horgan, the current Premier of British Columbia if Jason Kenney emerges as the winner in the Alberta election that is going to be held next week. The whole thing is related to Jason Kenney’s election promise of introducing a bill that would stop the flow of oil exports to British Columbia and the flow is heavily dependent on the state of Alberta in Canada. Jason Kenny has made a campaign promise to stop the flow of oil into British Columbia within hours being elected. During a speech, he stated, “Within an hour of being sworn in, we’ll hold a cabinet meeting and proclaim into law (Bill 12) the turn off the taps legislation.”

The British Columbia government has stated that if the government of Alberta actually passes such a bill, then there is a high chance of protests and civil agitation in the state. According to most estimates, the stated depends on Alberta for around 85% of the oil that flows into the state. The basis of the problem lies in the fact that Alberta is trying to build its own pipelines and the flow of so much oil to other states is hampering that project. The Bill 12 was created by the current Premier of Alberta Rachel Notley, and it has now become a major campaign issue for United Conservative Party candidate Jason Kenney.

However, it seems the Premier of British Columbia still has an ace up his sleeve, and that is his friendship with the Governor of Washington, Jay Inslee. Recently, he stated that he had been developing relations with the Governor of Washington state and in Bill 12 is introduced then he could use that option. He said, “I’ve been developing relationships with Jay Inslee, the governor of Washington. A lot of refining capacity just south of the border in Washington State. They depend on natural gas from B.C. to fire up their refining capacity. So there’s an economic relationship, as well as one that’s social and cultural between Washington and British Columbia.” Now it remains to be seen whether the Governor actually helps his friend out by urging the oil companies in Washington to supply to British Columbia.

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Joanna Zuniga is International Correspondent for The WashingtonNewsZ. He has been covering the important events and conflicts in Washington. Before joining our team, he served as a senior content editor in some famous news sites. He is also a prominent tweeter.

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