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Washington State to Push Vaccination Law That Offers no Exemption to Anti-Vaxxers

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Washington State to Push Vaccination Law That Offers no Exemption to Anti-Vaxxers

Law & Order

Over the course of the past few months, a new phenomenon has surfaced that discouraged people against using vaccines against any kind of disease and eventually it turned into a raging debate. The group, which came to be known as the ‘anti-vaxxers’ and a shrill campaign were eventually launched that discouraged people against vaccination. However, the State of Washington is going to have none of it and particularly so after an outbreak of measles in the state. Thus far, as many as 74 cases of measles in the state have been confirmed, and now the lawmakers are looking to push legislation that will stop people from refusing vaccination due to personal opinions against it.

It is a necessary step for any state and perhaps the best way in which the citizens can be saved from self-harm. A bill of this nature must have been in the works for some time. However, it remains to be seen if the bill is eventually signed into law by the Washington Governor Jay Inslee. It is important to keep in mind that the legislation in question will only cover conditions like rubella, mumps, and measles. People who are recommended vaccines for another disease can still choose to go without them.

Although the bill did pass in the Senate, it is interesting to note that the support for it was not unanimous and in fact, it was passed with a very narrow majority of 25 in favor to 22 against. Now, the whole thing depends on the discretion of the governor, Jay Inslee. There is no doubt that the law is aimed at the well being of the people and prevent the outbreak of epidemics, but at the same time it could turn out to be a political hot potato. Considering the fact that Jay Inslee is angling for a run in the 2020 Presidential elections, it remains to be seen whether he actually signs off on the bill or not. However, a spokesperson reiterated the fact that Washington governor had backed the bill when it was initially floated, and it was perhaps an indication that he will eventually sign off on it. Then he added that the governor is known to be a careful person and would look at a range of factors ‘before taking action’.

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