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Western Washington University Finishes Construction on one project, has several more projects on its List to Complete


Western Washington University Finishes Construction on one project, has several more projects on its List to Complete

Western Washington University

Western Washington University (WWU) has completed one project out of three projects from its list. The construction team managed to complete an important part of the multicultural center at the Viking Union or book store complex.

The project was completed in June. The project is of worth $20 million and will build a new home for the Ethnic Student Center (ESC) and other events, Western’s website reported.

Now, after the completion of one project, the Western Washington University can remove one project from its lists.  2019, years seems to be a very busy year for the university due to the construction of several projects.

The university conducted a small opening of the project in June 2019. The opening was in summer, so most of the students had taken a summer holiday. The official opening will only take place once all students return from their summer break, Director of Western communication, Paul Cocke informed through email.

During the construction of the project, the book store was temporary moved in the Viking Union Multipurpose Room.  The book store started working from Union Multipurpose Room. Now, the book store will be shifted back to its new place on Monday, 8th July 2019.  Only when the book store has completely shifted to its new place, the construction of the multipurpose room will begin.

Cocke stated, back in 2016, $30 per square quarter fee was approved from students. The university made use of this fund for project construction. They also used reserve funds of Associated Students, the university and current bonds of Viking Union to fund the project.

University is facing fund issues, and so construction of a new academic support facility is currently withdrawn. The new academic support facility was intended to start in 2019. The state legislature failed to offer the needed fund in the previous session, and because of this, the university is looking for alternative ways. University is thinking of self-funding the project.

Two more important university construction projects are to be constructed in the coming months, namely a renovated residence hall and a new science building. The construction team will start the construction work in the upcoming months of 2019, and the new science building construction work will start in January 2020.

Earlier, Western news mentioned that new science building and residence hall might take two years to complete and the academic support building expected to complete by 2020. It had also stated the budget for science building and residence hall.

According to reports, the budget for the residence hall and science building is around $131.5 million, while an academic support facility has a budget of $10 million. Western Washington University (WWU) is situated at Bellingham, Washington State. The development news of the University was published on 25th June 2019. 

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