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WinCo Food: Frozen Raspberries might be contaminated with Norovirus; Recalled from 10 various States


WinCo Food: Frozen Raspberries might be contaminated with Norovirus; Recalled from 10 various States

WinCo Food

Frozen red raspberries of Washington farm were sold in California State, now they have been called back from the western United States. The raspberry packages were sold across various stores, currently recalled from 10 states.

WinCo Food LCC, an American based supermarket store mentioned the retail store sold frozen red raspberries. The raspberries were produced by Rader Farms of Washington State and Bellingham. The WinCo Food believes the frozen raspberries might be infected with norovirus.

Nearly 12 ounce of raspberry packages, sold at various stores by WinCo Food namely, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon, Texas, Washington, Utah, Arizona, Montana, California, Oklahoma, and Texas have been recalled due to infection. The ‘Best By’ date printed on the raspberry packages, dated as 13th February 2021.

However, the Food and Drug Administration tested a few raspberries sample and noticed that the samples were infected with norovirus. The raspberries samples were of Winco brand. The result of the sample was informed to the Boise, ID, firm, recall notice mentioned. The raspberries were mostly manufactured by Rader Farms for Winco Food.

WinCo authorities stated in their recall notice, Raspberry buyers who have purchased the product are advised to either return the full product to the store and get a refund or to destroy it completely. Consumers having any queries can give a call to the company at 800-824-1706.

No person after consuming the product has reported of any kind of illness so far. However, the Boise Company of Idaho has requested its customers not to eat them and throw them because of contamination. They can even get back to the store and return the package.

The WinCo Food firm mentioned in a Facebook post that the berry medley packages that consist of raspberries are not called back.

Symptoms of Infected Norovirus

The highly infected norovirus raspberry if consumed by elderly people or young children or people dealing with health problems might be affected severely. Diarrhea and vomiting are the two significant symptoms noticed in the person after consuming it, apart from this other symptoms include dehydration, abdominal cramps, and nausea, fever, anorexia, myalgia and malaise and headache.

Majority of above symptoms last for 48 hours; however, elderly people and children’s might stay ill for a long time with complex symptoms.

In order to fight with dehydration, intravenous fluids are essential.

To know whether the product available in the home is contaminated or called back; the consumers can consider the following information on the label namely

  1. WinCo Foods Frozen Red Raspberries
  2. UPC number UPC 0 70552 305014
  3. Expire date or best- by date 13, February 2021. This is mostly available on the back of the package just beside the UPC bar code.

The recall notice mentions, WinCo Foods has taken away all the frozen raspberry products from the store.

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