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7-year old girl Lost in North Cascades National Park Safely Rescued, Was Missing for nearly 24 hours


7-year old girl Lost in North Cascades National Park Safely Rescued, Was Missing for nearly 24 hours


A 7-year old girl was found missing in the North Cascades National Park, but the search team was successful in getting her back safely on Sunday evening; she was untraceable nearly for 24 hours. The rescue volunteers carried a regressive search and helped the 7-year old girl to get back safely and alive. What can be more important than bringing the girl back alive and safe for rescue volunteers?

The spokeswoman of the North Cascades National Park Service Complex revealed the news and said that she was missing overnight in the National Park of North Cascades and has successfully being rescued safely and alive.

The rescue volunteers found the girls named Gwynn Dilstrom on Sunday evening and nearly above 100 searches with 24 hours.  The search team could reach to her at 5 p.m., and she was half a mile away from the place she was last noticed.

The young girl, Gwynn Dilstom was on a trip with her family members across the Goodell Creek campground during the Memorial Day, a weekend holiday within the region of Ross Lake Recreation. The family members had decided to reside in this region for the weekend holiday, the young girl started playing at the Ross Lake Recreation area, and her family members were also present in this area.

One of the family members saw her for the last time on Saturday at 6.30 p.m. later they started searching Dilstrom but were unable to trace her then they took help of Rangers. The Rangers joined in the search operation to find Dilstorm.

The search included various members such as a rescue volunteers from 3 counties, nearly five search dogs, a Navy helicopter, a drone and even Ari Force and Army members. They all started looking for these seven-year-old girls. They carried more than 120 searches within the Ross Lake Recreation Area.

Denise Shultz along with North Cascades Nation Park briefed about the area where the search was carried saying, the region had a unique boundary at one side, while on the other side Highway 20 was located and ridgeline on the other end.

Nobody could trace her, but still, they were hopeful during the search.

On Sunday, the search team found her calling out from the woods. She was found in the woody region half a mile away from where she was seen on Saturday night, Denise Shultz-the Visitor Services Chief informed. The girl was safe and unharmed she further stated.

Jim Meiers, the search volunteer, spoke to girl’s father, nearly hours after the search started. The heart of her father was broken upon knowing that Dilstrom was missing.

Meiers informed the source that “it makes me very emotional.”

How did the young girl survived in the woods, in cold night and alone is still not known, but more details will be announced on Monday.

Shultz mentioned, “We are all very thankful that she was able to come home safely, we’re all very happy. All the searchers are happy. This is the outcome that we all hope for when we do this. This is the payoff.”

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