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Washington State Senate Guy Palumbo Steps Down; To Join Amazon


Washington State Senate Guy Palumbo Steps Down; To Join Amazon


Guy Palumbo- the Democratic State Senator, on Friday morning informed his associates that he would step down from his post to join the private industry. He has one more year to complete his tenure but will not complete his full term. Now, Sen. Guy Palumbo will become the public policy state director of Amazon.

It was the first term of Guy Palumbo and represented the 1st District Legislative State which includes communities of namely, Kirkland, Terrace, Maltby, Mountlake, and Bothell. He is lives in Maltby. In 2016, Guy Palumbo won the seat by defeating Republican Mindie Wirth and was appointed to office in the same year.

The party organizations within the first Legislative District will elect three members to county councils to approve. The Councils will then select one of these members to take over the term.

Palumbo addressed on Friday saying that he is moving from office early to return to the private sector and have time with his family.

“Representing the residents of the 1st legislative District has been the distinguishing honor of my professional life. As rewarding as it has been to serve in the Senate, the role I cherish most is being a husband and father. “

He further said that he is making his way back to the private sector because he can remain close to his home and young family and near to his small business.

Andy Billig, the Senate Majority leader during a statement mentioned that we would be missing him in the Senate, we certainly understand his points for resigning from the post of a legislator and it’s hard to connect with families or relatives and other professional works for a legislator.

Seattle based Senate Reuven Carlyle took over Facebook and wrote a beautiful post saying, “The personal, professional and financial challenges of serving our constituents in our part-time citizen legislature are increasingly difficult.”

Palumbo is very much pleased with the work that they have achieved during his 1st legislature term. He even mentioned the Long-Term Health Care Act and the clean energy bill. He was honored to work for his community and to work with his associates in the Senate and House.

However, on Friday, Guy Palumbo forwarded his resignation letter to the Governor of Washington State, Jay Inslee.

He will be heading towards the Amazon based in Seattle, prior to this, he has served the Amazon firm as an employee.

Other achievements that he highlighted in the statement was about passing legislation related to climate change, larger access to college, and higher funding for transportation enhancement for the district.

He said that the work has not yet completed, but he believes that he is leaving the district and the state in a better position than what it was before joining the office. Palumbo did not reveal about his job at Amazon, although the Amazon spokesperson, Aaron Tosom did release a statement welcoming Palumbo to Amazon to direct their advocacy operation and help Washington to make a better place to stay, innovate, invest and open quality jobs for peoples of all backgrounds.

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