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A New Father Receives a Gift for being Brave


A New Father Receives a Gift for being Brave

You might have heard stories of the presence of mind and bravery in and around your place. But, the bravery of a person who had just become a father is surely a promising one. For his bravery, he has been gifted a car as he has lost his car in the accident.

Travis Trent’s car was parked under the basement of Good Samaritan Hospital, where he had got his Christmas baby delivered on the 25th December. His car was standing along with 20 other cars.

He saw smoke coming out of the dashboard of his car. He immediately started the car and drove the car to outside. As per him, the parking garage at the basement was never a good place for a burning car, as there were a lot many vehicles, the potential damage was huge.

The fire department after reaching the spot said that the car was fully burnt and advised Travis never to drive a burning car.

Capt. Darrin Shaw of Central Pierce Fire & Rescue said in the appreciation of Travis’s act that he not only made sure that no property got damaged for his burning car; he also came out of that car safe.

The appreciation-

Travis’s burnt car was a BMW 528. After learning about the whole incident the owner of Sunset Auto Wholesale in Tacoma, Nathan Craig decided to gift the same model to Travis. Nathan had the same model at his store.

The surprise gift reached Travis on Friday when he found the same model BMW parked at the hospital having a note stating, “From Sunset to Baby Kennedy. We want you to know we care.”

Travis was stunned after receiving the gift and said he was not expecting that.

Though he had garnered some fame after this incident, he had been advised by lot many people not to risk his life again in the future.

All’s well that Ends Well. Without any injury to anyone or loss of property, the Christmas baby has definitely a precious gift to take home.

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