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Unusual Theft and Accident in Washington

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Unusual Theft and Accident in Washington

In an unusual and unprecedented chain of events, Washington State has seen one accident in Spanaway and one strange theft in Puyallup.

A truck moves into a house-

Last Friday, an 11-year old girl was narrowly saved from a fatal accident when a truck rammed into her bedroom.

The crash happened in the Friday afternoon in the in the area of 192nd Street and 6th Avenue East as per the officials of Central Pierce Fire & Rescue.

The driver of the truck was heading to west on 192nd Street East, he lost control of the vehicle and rammed into two fences and crossing a big backyard, it moved half into the girl’s bedroom.

The girl was sleeping on a bunk bed, before reaching the bunk bed; the truck ran over another bed lying adjacent to the wall. As the girl was sleeping on the upper shelf of the bed, she was unhurt.

The slightly injured girl was taken to the hospital to be evaluated as safe and free from any major injuries.

The girl’s parents were still in shock and said that the girl was lucky to be safe after this fatal accident.

Pierce County Sheriff’s office said that they were investigating the matter and there were no words about how the driver lost control of the vehicle.

Theft of Animal Rescue Van-

In Puyallup location, an animal rescue team has reported the theft of their animal rescue van. The van was said to be very important for rescuing the animals. The van has reportedly written “Sunny Sky’s Animal Rescue” on its side door.

The group has requested everyone to look for the van, and in the meantime, they are finding a replacement of the van.

The van usually brings dogs from the shelter where they would have to be euthanized if they don’t leave the shelter. So, with the absence of the Van many dogs must have been eliminated and many will be waiting to be eliminated.

Showing shock over the whole incident one worker at the rescue group said the theft of a rescue van was weird, and they hoped to find the vehicle or one replacement soon once the words regarding this incident reached the people all over the County. The group even took the help of social media to convey their message to the community.

The theft of the rescue van is indeed unfortunate. Authorities should be prompt enough to find the vehicle on which lives of many animals are dependent.

Katherine Galliher

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