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Crimes On the Rise in Washington

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Crimes On the Rise in Washington

In two incidents of violence in parties, the Holidays surely have not passed quietly in Washington. In one incident, three people were stabbed at a bonfire party in Finley, and another Christmas party ended with domestic violence in Benton City.

Man threatened girlfriend with bow and arrow-

Charles C. Diettrich, 55 has been arrested for threatening to kill his girlfriend by aiming a bow and arrow after a Christmas Eve argument.

The man has pleaded innocent in the Benton County Superior Court. He has been charged with second-degree assault of domestic violence.

After a call from a girl from a home East Kennedy Road stating she was assaulted by her boyfriend, Sheriff’s deputies and West Richland police officers reached the location in the evening.

Twyla Hughes alleged that her boyfriend Diettrich ended an argument aiming a bow and arrow towards her threatening her to kill.

Diettrich was found by the officers behind the home and denied any charges of threatening to kill her. He, however, accepted of having an argument.

Police officers have been able to track down a woman who happened to be a witness to the whole incident. As per the witness, Diettrich had a bow and an arrow with him, but she was not aware of the threatening part of the story, and she even claimed that Diettrich’s arrow did not have a tip.

Diettrich is now in Benton County jail with $2500 bail. He is scheduled to appear in court on February 11.

3 People stabbed after bonfire party-

In Finley in an ugly turn of events, a bonfire party has ended with three people stabbed and the alleged suspect injured.

Zachary E. Gray, 20, had been told by the host to leave the party after a fist fight with the host.

Gray left the place but again returned to get his sunglasses. Then the host Zilar did not allow him into his property. Getting furious by the act of Zilar, Gray attacked Zilar with a pocket knife. Zilar had knife wounds at chest and armpit. When cousins of Zilar intervened, they were also stabbed. They somehow took control over Gray and locked up him in the car. Gray continuously threatened them from the car that he should have killed everyone.

Benton County sheriff’s deputies reached the spot when the witnesses told that the suspect was in Trios Southridge Hospital in Kennewick and Zilar and his cousins were driven to Kadlec Regional Medical Center in Richland.

However, Gray has pleaded guilty in Benton County Superior Court. He has been charged with third-degree assault and two counts of second-degree assault.

Gray had been in custody until last Wednesday in $5000 bond, and the amount was increased to $10000 on Friday.

As per a recent report, everyone involved in the incident is now safe and had no major injuries.

These two incidents show that how the fear of Law has vanished from the city dwellers. Exemplary sentences should be given in both the cases if found guilty.

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