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Power Outage in Western Washington


Power Outage in Western Washington

Power outage not only slows down life, but it also brings life to a standstill. After the recent storm that hit Western Washington, power crews are trying their best to get things on the track.

The power outage this time is across the Western part of the State, and this time it is very different from the storm experienced before Christmas.

Locals said that the due to the power outage they have stopped working and the inconvenience caused by the power outage is huge this time. Most of the houses are using generators to keep the appliances running and their homes feeling warm. As per the locals, the storm this time has been much worse than all the storms of the past few years.

The Puget Sound region is experiencing a power outage for the third time since Christmas. The storm before the Christmas knocked down the huge trees cutting down the power lines. Thousands of people were in the dark just before Christmas.

A spokesman for Snohomish County PUD told that the crews had worked quickly to restore the power for those homes that have been experiencing outage since the last two weeks. The locals said that they are now totally dependent on the generators and they need to ensure that they have enough spare fuel to run them.

On State Route near the Little Creek Casino in Mason County a huge tree fell down wrecking a car completely, but luckily no one was hurt in that incident. Locals also said that the strong wind also affected the ferries and they have experienced a little volatile ride between Mukilteo and Clinton.

After the outage, the locals of this region now hope that this is the last power outage of the season as with the end of the winter the chances of storms will lessen.

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