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The Decline of Orcas


The Decline of Orcas

After a long time researcher’s statement, a new urgency has been raised to save the orcas. The researchers said that the two of the present whales might not live till the summer.

Jeff Anderson is a crab fisherman, and a captain of a salmon tender said that from June to November he generally went for fishing salmon and him along with his crew could see the first-hand happenings with the Orcas. He told with grief that the numbers are declining.

The recent photo of on the New Year’s Eve of the orca “J-17” shows that the Orca is starving.

Ken Balcomb, with the Center for Whale Research, said that the orca in the K-pod is very thin due to lack of fish and may soon die out of hunger.

As per the reports, there are only 74 Orcas now in the Southern resident.

Anderson and the locals said that they were not even sure whether they could save the Orcas or not.

It should be reported here that the Governor has recently released a $1.1 billion plan for Orca recovery which includes dealing with pollution runoff, helping the fish hatcheries, and adding quieter hybrid-electric ferries.

Chris Wilke, the executive director of clean water advocate Puget Sound keeper, said that the Orcas were in danger and it was the time to act.

Wilke said that the toxic chemicals should be out of the sewage, and the stormwater also needed to be protected. And especially there was a need to clean the rural water so that the water can become hospitable to the Salmon growth. And with an increase in the numbers of Salmon, we can see the rise of the Orcas again.

For some, the decline of the Orcas is part of the change in the ecosystem. As per them, the Orcas came and lived there till the time the water was hospitable, and now we have polluted the water, and we don’t leave many fishes, so the number of Orcas is declining.

The Governor’s proposal to save the Orcas also includes a temporary three-year ban on all whales watching of southern resident orcas. And now the southern resident is experiencing the lowest point in Orca population with just 74 left.

It is important for us to sustain every part of the ecosystem in order to sustain ourselves. To maintain the food chain the way it should work, we have to follow measures to augment the population of the Orcas again.

Glenn Bliss

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