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Security Industry Specialist Firm Sacks More than 1,000 Amazon Guards in Seattle


Security Industry Specialist Firm Sacks More than 1,000 Amazon Guards in Seattle

Amazon Guards

More than 1,000 security guards offering security services to Seattle based Amazon headquarter will be sacked in July.

The security firm uses to provide security services to the leading e-commerce firm Amazon. Over 1,000 security guards were responsible for patrolling Seattle campus of Amazon.

Washington Employment Department posted a notice on early Wednesday stating that Los-Angeles based company; Security Industry Specialists has decided to lay off around 1,066 of its workers by July 26, 2019.

Security Industry Specialist Inc. has offered its security services to Amazon Seattle based headquarter from 2012 onwards. The firm has noticed high turnover and improper staffing issues. Amazon Company is also planning to switch security contractor.

According to Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification, the security firm will start removing nearly 1,066 workers from July 26, 2019. The reason for layoffs is because Amazon is dumping the Security Industry Specialist (SIS) firm for two security firms that use union labor.

However, the guards who have received layoff notices are likely to be recruited back, Amazon the e-commerce giant mentioned in a statement.

Seven years back, Security Industry Specialist had signed a security contract deal with the Amazon firm. During that period, Andrews International had sacked more than 200 security guards. Andrews International – a union security contractor, had earlier offered security services to the closed packed headquarters campus of Amazon.

 After dropping SIS, in 2019, Amazon has selected Allied Universal and Securitas to deal with its growing security concern while Amazon spokesperson mentioned that SIS workers would be allowed to apply for a job with the new security firm.

Amazon spokesperson stated-

“Our onsite security needs have changed over the years, and we have selected two vendors that can scale with us. All employee of the current security vendor will have the opportunity to apply to the new vendors.”

Allied Universal and Securitas both have been represented by the SEIU6 Property Services NW union. The SIS employees were trying to join the same unit for years but failed to. SEIU mentions that SIS employees were involved in verbal abuse, sexual harassment, and wage theft.

SEIU had been putting pressure on Amazon with regards to SIS. The union also organized a rally to support the SIS security guards in May 2019.

The union posted on Facebook over the May Day protest stating that the labor family of the union will rally in harmony with SIS authorities at Amazon, this year. Within the Amazon campus, Security officers have been discriminated, abused, and harassed. At the workplace, when the officers tried to organize for dignity, they were warned by their employer. It’s the right of SIS officers to arrange and unite without any fear of punishment! “Let’s show them they are not alone.”

SIS has hit back SEIU move by saying it’s a “vicious corporate campaign” and over its website, SIS claimed Muslim workers were not given time to pray during Ramadan.

The SIS employees have carried several union protests due to issues relating to payments, working conditions, and even breached federal employment laws.

Members of SEIU Local and Amazon security employees complained to Amazon CEO, Jeff Bezos, in the previous week, during the annual shareholder’s meet held in Fremont.

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