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Washington State is the Most Recent State to File Lawsuit against President’s Health Care Policy

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Washington State is the Most Recent State to File Lawsuit against President’s Health Care Policy

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The Trump’s administration announced a new health care rule that allows a health care professionals like doctors and other medical professionals to decline offering abortions and other services to patients requesting for, due to their religious and moral beliefs. Washington State is once again taking action against President Trump’s administration for its new health care rule.

Attorney General Bob Ferguson, a Democratic member, had earlier too filed a lawsuit against Trump’s progressive initiatives and now once again sued the President administration by registering a case in the federal court of Spokane. He stated in the filing that the new ‘conscience’ health care policy revealed by the Health and Human Services Department is an ‘open license to discriminate.’

The lawsuit claims that if the new health care policy gets implemented, then it would damage health care reproductive access, low-income rural and poor working patients and further enables to distinguish LGBTQ people.

The new health care rule of US says that it will permit health care professional workers to refuse a patient, requesting for medical care services including end-of-life decisions, reproductive care and care for transgender patients on moral and religious grounds, with no provision for medical emergencies. If the federal government considers, Washington’s health care institutions or other have breached the health care rule then it might withdraw the entire health care fund to the state, which is above $10 billion annually.

The reason for Ferguson filing the case in the federal court is due to rural communitie, and Eastern Washington has less health care providers, and communities will be affected significantly by the health care rule.

Ferguson mentioned: “All Washingtonians deserve to receive the full range of health care services. This new rule will illegally and disproportionately harm rural and working poor Washington families, who have no alternatives to their local health care providers.”

Millions of women and LGBTQ people have once again targeted by the President administration because of health care rule, and Washington State will once again fight over it, Jay Inslee Governor of Washington stated.

He further added, Washington State firmly opposes the new health care policy of Trump’s administration, which is unlawful and unjustifiable. The new health policy will place millions of people at risks by refusing to give legal and medical treatment. We will not permit this administration to promote any kind of discrimination within the medical professional offices or keep health care away from those who require them.

The lawsuit of Ferguson states that the new health care policy has violated the US constitution, the Affordable Care Act and the Administration Procedure Act.

Washington State is not only the state to oppose the rule; nearly more than 2 dozens of states have filed a case, including various reproductive rights and gay rights institutions.

The modification in the health care policy was announced by the US president on May 2nd 2019, at the National Day of Prayer ceremony as “new protections of conscience rights for physicians, teachers, students, pharmacists and faith-based charities.” The US department revealed the final policy on May 21st 2019.

Washington State has a very long tradition of honoring its citizen’s religious views and beliefs, Ferguson mentioned in the lawsuit.

Ferguson has nearly filed 38 lawsuits against the President’s administration from 2017 onwards and challenged Trump’s administration to modify its federal rules. Out of these cases, Washington State has won 12 cases, and 10 are to be an appeal by administration.

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