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The King County Sheriff Increasing emphasis patrols after two shooting incidence

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The King County Sheriff Increasing emphasis patrols after two shooting incidence

The King County Sheriff Petrols

King County Deputy Mitzi Johanknecht informed on Monday after the shooting incidence of Sunday in White Center that she will increase emphasis patrols across White Center that noticed two shooting incidence within 24 hours.

After two recent shooting incidence, the King County Sheriff’s office seeks to affirm the citizens of White Center, and the business owners that for King County Sheriff’s the first and foremost responsibility will be to protect public, and sheriffs are required to take necessary steps to fight against major crimes across the area.

Further Sheriff Johanknecht mentioned,

We are aware that violent crime is trending up. We will be adding deputies for increased emphasis patrols targeting crimes of violence.

She added saying the patrols will be randomly carried out at different times throughout the day so as to enhance the visibility in regions where offensive crimes happen.

The first shooting incidence occurred on Sunday morning at 17th Avenue Southwest’s 9800 block. And the second shooting incidence took place on Monday in the 10600 block at 1st Avenue Southwest.

One shooting incidence witness, Robey Triplett who listened to the number of gunshots on Sunday morning down the street said the firing took very fast and it sounded like a machine gun.

Continues two shooting within the weekend have made Sheriff Johanknecht to scale up patrols across the region.

A business owner at White Center hopes that increasing patrols might reduce such incidence.

Deputies mention, dispute outside a club after hours resulted in the Sunday morning shootout. The shooting incidence nearly wounded three men and was immediately treated at the hospital. A 28-year-old victim was shot at his leg, was treated at the hospital and discharged. However, a 29-year-old victim is in serious condition and a 30-year-old victim is also under critical condition.

The second shooting incidence occurred on Monday morning. A 27 years old man was bullet fired close to his house at the First Avenue Southwest in the 10600 block; the man dialed 911 and gave information to the police. The victim is in serious condition and currently undergoing treatment at Harborview Medical Center. The other victims of Sunday shootout were also treated at Harborview Medical Center.

However, sheriff office claims that both the series of shooting incidence was not related to each other and there were no signs of any gang involvement. The incidence is currently investigated.

Triplett responded to sheriff’s increasing patrols that,

I think increased patrolling would make people’s minds ease a little bit. Especially after something like that.

Small update on both shooting Incidence:

The first shooting incidence executed on 23.6.2019, at 5.30 a.m. across the region of Southwest 17 Avenue.  The person gave a call to 911. At around 6.13 a.m., three wounded men arrived at the hospital for treatment. The officials visited the area where the shooting occurred and found several shell casings.

The second incidence occurred on 24.6.2019, at 7.55 a.m. A man was shot close to his house at 1st Avenue Southwest. He gave a call to 911 and is currently treated at the hospital, under critical condition.  King County Medics gave him treatment at the incidence scene and they immediately shifted him to Harborview hospital.

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