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Apple Doubles Its Plan Of Seattle; 2,000 Employees To Be Hired


Apple Doubles Its Plan Of Seattle; 2,000 Employees To Be Hired

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan at Apple’s announcement

Earlier, Apple had revealed its plan to expand its business in Seattle. The tech giant firm planned to recruit around 1,000 new employees for its Seattle office within the next 3 years. Now, Apple has changed its earlier plan. The new Apple’s expansion will significantly benefit the youth of Seattle to find a job and make a bright career in one of the leading tech companies. The company on Monday announced that it will add more employees then promised earlier.

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan addressed on Monday that she was willing to speak about a second headquarter and appreciated the tech firm Apple, and its important expansion plans for the city.

The new Seattle Campus is under construction at 333 Dexter-a big new South Lake Union office building. GeekWire earlier stated that the under-construction property of Apple’s would be the Seattle office for a tech firm. The Seattle Times mentioned that Amazon and Facebook were the key players. However, Apple owed it.

Apple’s Global Real Estate and Development’s Vice President, Kristina Raspe revealed the detailed expansion plans of Apple. Raspe stood in front of Apple’s new Seattle office at 333 Dexter Avenue and announced the development news.

Today we are thrilled to share that our ambitions have grown. In addition to the 500 plus employees that we already have here in Seattle, within the next five years we plan to add an additional 2,000 employees, doubling our initial goal.

By the end of 2019, 200 plus employees will be hired for the South Lake Union office only after Apple’s new office is fully completed and opened. The new Seattle campus consists of an office space measured at 650,000 square feet along with two LEED platinum 12-story towers. The towers will make use of 100 percent renewable energy.

On Monday, at 333 Dexter press conference, Durkan said over Seattle’s expansion plan,

A reminder that our city has become a real economic and technology superpower. We know that we also have to increase a lot of things in this city for it to work.

Raspe mentioned, Seattle is expected to become an engineering hub of the firm. Apple is recruiting new candidates for hardware and software positions in Seattle as of now.

Mayor Durkan and CEO of Seattle Metropolitan Chamber of Commerce, Marilyn Strickland, present at Apple’s announcement. Durkan highlighted that Apple’s new development in Seattle guarantees that the city is full of talents and has a bright future in the tech world. So as to meet the future requirements, Seattle needs to invest more in public transport such as buses, light rail and also form a culture across these kinds of transportation.

Further, she addressed, by 2020, nearly 70 percent of jobs in Washington State require ‘post-secondary credential.’ My top most responsibility will be to ensure that the kids growing up in Seattle are well skilled to get good engineering and computer science jobs which the firm revealed today. This is the reason why we developed the ‘Seattle Promise and the Opportunity Promise’- Seattle youngsters are provided the much-needed resources and connected to it, and they are put in good shape to get high paying jobs.

Back in December 2018, Apple revealed that the firm would invest $1 billion to develop a campus in Austin, Texas. The room will allocate space to 15,000 employees. On the same day, Apple also revealed the expansion plans for Seattle by creating 1,000 more employees by 2022.

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