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The Sorrow of Tornado Victims


The Sorrow of Tornado Victims

Natural disasters are the worst events for a community because of the degree of destruction and its long-term effects. A tornado two weeks earlier in Port Orchard had done devastating damages in Kitsap County. But, the struggle amongst the people affected has not yet ended.

A town hall meeting regarding the effects of the disaster was convened two days back, and Kitsap County officials said that they had decided to transition into a long-term recovery mode.

Skip Olmstead with grief said that his house happened to be the epicenter of the tornado and he had lost everything in the disaster. Skip has been staying at Melody Village in Port Orchard for the last 46 years.

Skip’s family is one of those people who lost everything as they were directly affected by the Tornado.

People in the area are clueless about why they have not got any help and how they were forgotten.

It should be reported here that after the damage made by the deadly Tornado, there have been cases of loot in the area. But, contrary to people’s expectation the police deployment was so less that almost every other damaged house had faced cases of robbery.

As per the locals, people dressed up as repair workers entered the premises and looted everything they got. People expect day and night deployment of Police officials at the place.

As per Olmsted someone had entered into his wrecked garage and stole two chainsaws. Looters have been taking undue advantage of this havoc. People have been patrolling their property on their own.

The main concern among the local is the cost of clearing the debris. The price to dump the debris at the local dump yard would be very high, and some affected persons suggested that the tornado debris clearance charge should be at least waived off.

Any help from the federal government couldn’t reach as the degree of the disaster was less than what should be in order to be qualified for getting federal help. The tornado creating havoc cut a swath 1.4 miles long destroying 20 homes and partially damaging 28 homes. But as per the federal law, it still lacks $10 million in damage to be able to get federal assistance for the disaster.

The County officials have also taken cognizance of the condition of the affected people, and they promised to double the help. And, talks are now in a nascent stage to formulate a plan tackling the financial needs and emotional needs by the community.

The situation of the County people is indeed very fragile, and they have not got the attention they deserve to get. In their time of need, we all should do our little parts to bring the community into the track, and the State also should be available predominantly for assistance to the affected people.

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