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Washington Snowpack is Now Back to Normal


Washington Snowpack is Now Back to Normal

After a slow start of snowpack, Washington is back to a normal level now. As per the recent reports by the Washington State Department of Ecology, the snowpack of Washington is now at 94 percent of the normal level. It should be noted here that the snowpack level of 2018 was one of the lowest in the last 30 years.

This is said to be a huge improvement in the snowpack level. The earlier part of the last month saw an average of 35 percent snowpack of the normal level.

Department of Ecology Director Maia Bellon said that looking at the improvement she was optimistic about the future snowpack level. But there were still chances of warmer and drier days ahead, which might again dip the snowpack level.

After a regain in the snowpack level Skiers and snowboarders are looking forward to enjoying the sport. They have been waiting for the snowpack to become normal. Last year’s receding snowpack has not let them enjoy the sport.

The snowpack is not only a source of ice sports, but it also provides water to rivers during spring and summer. So, for perenniality of the rivers snowpack plays a vital role.


The level of snowpack varies greatly from region to region. The North Puget Sound has the highest snowpack levels of 102 percent of the normal level, followed by the Olympics (92 percent), South Puget Sound (91 percent), and Central Puget Sound (84 percent).

The lowest snowpack level is seen in the Lower Colombia region. It is now at only 73 percent of the normal level. The region includes Vancouver and the South Cascades.

Almost every region of Washington State had near-normal to above-normal temperatures and precipitation this fall. As per the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center, there is a higher chance of El Nino happening this year’s winter; it implies more hot and dry days are ahead.

The department also said that the bigger part of the winter is remaining and they were pretty hopeful for the turn to happen.

It is indeed good news not only for the ice sports lovers but also for everyone in Washington State. The snowpack is inevitable for the lives of people here, as it provides water to the rivers for agriculture and human uses. With the deadly effects of global warming all around the world, more tough days are coming for us. We need to prepare ourselves for that, at least when the Federal Government is not ready to accept the fact that global warming exists.

John Rivera

John Rivera joined WashingtonNewsZ as a multimedia journalist last year. He grew up in Washington and holds Master Degree in English language and literature. Before joining our team, he worked as a freelance news writer and have written a number of news posts with a background of crime scenes. But from last year, he contributes articles of different categories like finance, education, lifestyle and more.

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