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Visitors get frustrated as the shutdown continues outside the gate of Mount Rainier


Visitors get frustrated as the shutdown continues outside the gate of Mount Rainier

The ongoing government shutdown has hit close to 800,000 federal workers in the region of Mount Rainier. The shutdown which is now stretching to the fifth week is the longest in U.S. history. President Donald Trump continues to demand $5.7 billion in a bid to fund a border wall with Mexico. For business owners, in and around the region of Mount Rainier National Park, the ongoing impact of the shutdown is too high to handle and is becoming increasingly frustrating.

Residents claim that they are required to pay taxes but unable to continue with the business. It’s becoming really difficult and has to stop as claimed by the people. But somehow, this week has seen some hope in the form of compromises which could be on the horizon.

For many small-time business owners who are caught in the middle of this unwanted problem which remains vague at this point in time, the shutdown is hurting their business, and the tensions are rising.

Some of the lodge owners and restauranteurs who are dependable on the Mount Rainier National Park to make a living say that they would not receive any back pay when the matter resolves. If the shutdown continues for long, there could be needs to cut staff hours.

One of the resorts, when contacted, confirmed that they would be cutting down the staff to manage with the down surge in business. While some are not sure of the impact of the shutdown, most believe that it’s not helping in either way.

The residents are not able to reinvest back into the property right now and are not in a position to put any investment back into the business.

The local business owners are looking forward to having normal operations to resume as early as possible. Some are resorting to standing by options to reduce the impact of the shutdown also.

With all these issues, the business is relatively lower than it is expected at this time of year and the operation of the businesses have been a concern now.

Katherine Galliher

Katherine Galliher is a writer and a passionate musician who loves to travel often. She has worked a freelance writer for multiple agencies and online platforms. Apart from keeping herself busy in writing she founds her interest in biking and exploring new places.

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