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High-speed chase leads to arrest of Auburn driver in Thurston County

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High-speed chase leads to arrest of Auburn driver in Thurston County

In a recent cat and mouse chase, a high-speed car pursuit came to an end after a 27-year-old Auburn driver was found of eluding a police vehicle and trying to escape. Eventually, he was arrested on suspicion of eluding a police vehicle after he led Washington State Patrol troopers on a chase down Interstate 5 through Thurston County early Wednesday.

His name is Mark R. Kilgore and appeared in Thurston County Superior Court. He was taken into custody on the early morning of Wednesday. Later, he was released on his recognizance after the court appearance. As per the statement made by the policemen, at around 2 a.m. early morning Wednesday, a fellow policeman in Thurston County was alerted that a fellow trooper was in pursuit of a vehicle that had failed to pull over. Kilgore’s estimated speed was 90 miles per hour. One of the fellow troopers even tried to deploy spike strips but could not manage as the vehicle was going too fast. It was a compact sedan and was rushing at 100 km plus speed which was dangerous.

It was raining heavily, and the road was graded, curved and wet. The sedan was being pursued by two police vehicles which had their tracking systems activated. The driver of the sedan was found driving carelessly in an attempt to elude law enforcement officers. The police eventually lost sight of the vehicle and ended their chase. However, police force later found his car with the driver at the 93rd Avenue. Kilgore was taken to City Hospital in Olympia for a medical test assuming it to be drunken driving. Later, he was booked into the Thurston County Jail.

In another incident, a man in late thirties was found jumping off a state Route 167 overpass after leading law enforcing authorities on a high-speed pursuit as per the local news report. Deputies noticed a high-speed Mazda Miata and tried to pull over for reckless driving near 176th Street Easton on Sunday evening.

The driver refused to come to a halt and sped away after repetitive warnings. This led to a chase, resulting in the man striking another vehicle which got caught in a CCTV camera installed at a traffic signal on northbound Route 167.

Later on, after crashing the vehicle into two motorcyclists, the driver jumped off the overpass. He fell about 75 feet down on the brush-covered ground and was taken into custody on suspicion of eluding and hit-and-run. Currently, the man is getting treatment at a Medical Centre for a broken leg and several broken ribs.

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