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Washington State Set to Become the First State to Legalise Human Composting

Law & Order

Washington State Set to Become the First State to Legalise Human Composting

Law & Order

In this day and age, when governments are looking to gain any kind of slight edge when it comes to protecting the environment, it is hardly a surprise that the act of burial is also looked upon as something that could be altered somewhat. In a move that is sure to be welcomed by environmentally conscious citizens, the state of Washington is all set to be the first state that is going to legalize human composting. Human composting is a novel way of ensuring that the remains of a human body get turned into actual soil within a week of burial and needless to say; it is something that will help the environment immensely.

The most important thing regarding this initiative by the State of Washington that the bill which is going to be turned into law has already passed with a majority in the State Senate. Now, it merely awaits the signature of the Governor of Washington Jay Inslee, and once that is done, it will be turned into a law. It is indeed an achievement for the state that it is going to be the first state to have legalized human composting. The senator who proposed the bill has stated that human composting will result in the whole thing taking a lot less space and in addition to that using composting instead of cremation will also help in reducing the carbon emissions significantly.

Senator Jamie Pederson, who initially proposed the bill stated that it is a bit surprising that it took this long to think of the government to think of something like this. He said, “It is sort of astonishing that you have this completely universal human experience — we’re all going to die — and here’s an area where technology has done nothing for us. We have the two means of disposing of human bodies that we’ve had for thousands of years, burying and burning.” The senator went on to say that is it only sensible for people to use the technology involved in compositing in order to reduce the carbon emissions that go into the environment in case of cremation.

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