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Man refuses to drop the knife, shot at by police

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Man refuses to drop the knife, shot at by police

A man approaching police wielding a knife was shot at by officers in north Spokane after he refused to drop the weapon. The man died of gunshot wounds after he ignored the warning by officers, police said on Wednesday.

The man was threatening people with a gun near West Fairview Avenue and North Monroe Street on Wednesday. An anonymous call had police officers in Spokane rush to the scene. However, the man couldn’t be found. Police then received another call from a store nearby about the same man.

He was located in a gravel parking lot by the officers. On being confronted, the man brandished a knife and threatened the police. He even started walking towards them. Officers then warned him to drop the weapon to which he did not pay any heed and kept approaching them. Over his refusal to co-operate with the officers, they shot him five times, said the police.

The man whose name couldn’t be ascertained died of the wounds.

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