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Accidents in Washington on Christmas Day

While everybody seemed to be engaged in merrymaking with their families on Christmas, the city has never been able to get away with accidents. Luckily, there was no loss of lives in these two unrelated accidents that happened on the day of Christmas.

Hunter shoots himself

A hunter in the fields of the north of Zillah, Yakima County shot himself in the leg. The Yakima County Sheriff’s office got a call from the hunter at the afternoon of the Christmas day, and he explained the whole incident.

He managed to call to 911 after the self-inflicted gunshot. He directed the deputies to the location, and he was flown to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle.

As per the reports, he was stable, and the officials have not shared the name and whereabouts of the hunter.

Boat sinks in Hoquiam River

In the morning of the Christmas day, the police got a call from someone stating that he saw a sheen of fuel on the river coming from the part of harbor privately owned in the 200 block of Monroe Street. When the Police officials arrived at the location, they found a strong odor and a sheen of fuel heading towards the Riverside Bridge.

The Police were informed about the damage that could have hit an old navy vessel flown adrift by the recent tides. The Police secured the full fleet.

Police have confirmed that no report has been made on 911 or Coastguard of the boat sinking. A team from the State Department of Ecology has been sent to the location to see and check the leakage. This is the fourth boat accident in this area.

The press release by the State says the city has issued many regulations owing to the safety of ecology in the boat-yard area. The Department of Ecology, the Attorney General’s Office, and U.S. Coast Guard have been working together to finalize a code for the sunken boats. They have also raised concerns regarding the exposure of marine ecology to extreme pollution.

Glenn Bliss

Glenn Bliss is Executive Editor of The WashingtonNewsZ. He writes on a wide range of niches like business, lifestyle, sports, and science. Before joining our team, he worked in foremost publications of Washington for almost 8 years.

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