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Armed Shoppers Stop Shoplifters

Guns have been the bone of contention for many years in the whole United States of America. Some allege that guns are the reason for increased crime rates. But, a different incident happened at Marysville, Washington State when two shoppers reportedly stopped shoplifters with the help of their guns.

Police officials said that the investigation was going on and it was early to comment on anything.

As per the version of a restaurant worker at the Playa Bonita Mexican Restaurant, she heard the gunshots while she was taking orders from the customers. That gunshot was loud. She went out of the kitchen and locked herself with two customers inside the kitchen.

And a Jeweller at the Wagner Jewellers said that after hearing the loud gunshots, she went on to check and saw a girl running towards her car. The whole area was terrified by the gunshots.

Police officials were quick to reach, and the promptness of the Police department has been able to console the locals.

As per the police officers investigating the case, two shoplifters tried to steal power tools from the Coastal Farm and Ranch on the State Avenue in the late afternoon. After stealing, while they were approaching their car, a shopper confronted them with a gun. But, the shoplifters went into the car and tried to hit the shopper with the gun by the car.

Looking at the incident, two more shoppers at the store came and fired at the car’s tire. The gunshot deflated the two tires. The police officer said that no one was hurt.

People have been appreciative of the act of two strangers but also were skeptical of the outcome if there were children around.

The two shoplifters went on and got out of the car after moving a few blocks. Later they were tracked by officers and arrested. Police said that both the suspects were from Everett. Both of them are now facing felony robbery charges.

It’s to be noted that the two stranger armed citizens didn’t stay there to talk to the Police. Police officers, however, are now tracking both the shoppers who fired the shots to get their statements.

Katherine Galliher

Katherine Galliher is a writer and a passionate musician who loves to travel often. She has worked a freelance writer for multiple agencies and online platforms. Apart from keeping herself busy in writing she founds her interest in biking and exploring new places.

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