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Army Families got Christmas Gift

It is often said that the families of military men need to be applauded the most, which is indeed true. The military personnel sacrifice their lives for the nation and their families sacrifice their present and future with the military service. The sacrifices made by these military families is often underrated.

But, this Christmas some families in Washington State had more reasons to celebrate, when the army men returned and united with their families.

Army SPC Joshua Groh and SPC Rajinder Sharma had been in the deployment site since last February and their expected date to return was after the first month of the next year. But, their arrival at the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport on the eve of Christmas had given immense pleasure to the families. The reuniting scene was quite emotional as per the travelers present at the airport.

Sharma’s whole family has been waiting at the airport with the 14-months-old baby. The army man has been keeping track of the growing days of the baby on video chats only. As per him, it was surreal to see his baby boy after such a long time.

He was quite an emotional saying when he left he was tiny, and now he could see his son walking and speaking a few words citing names of the parents. Sharma said he was really excited to go with his son to places and he was looking forward to spending time with the baby.

Joshua was greeted by his dad who had been waiting for his son to spend the Christmas with him.

Both the soldiers of Army Reservists were deployed at the Middle-East to help load and unload heavy machinery onto ships, planes, and trucks.

The family expressed their gratitude towards the Army for returning them unexpectedly and at the time they are needed the most. They said they were proud to be called the family of the soldiers.

As per the soldiers, the postings had both ups and downs like all other services. But coming back alive after serving the nation was satisfactory and self-contented.

About 25 soldiers have been returned to their homes on the eve of Christmas. They have been posted at the Armed Forces Reserve Center in Marysville. They said they were proud soldiers serving the nation.

The soldiers see much in the posting without the presence of their families. They deserve all the respect for making our country safe and letting all of us live peacefully.

Glenn Bliss

Glenn Bliss is Executive Editor of The WashingtonNewsZ. He writes on a wide range of niches like business, lifestyle, sports, and science. Before joining our team, he worked in foremost publications of Washington for almost 8 years.

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